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June 19, 2006 by Winmodify
For the people who are not sick and tired of the Vista skins yet.
I have collected some of the more populair Vista look-a-like skins on this page. You can find Wallpapers/Visualstyles/Windowblinds,
This page get's updated frequently and will soon have a new section ; dockicons..

I hope you will enjoy this, thanks to the many great artists who have made this skins possible...
January 2, 2006 by Winmodify
Hi Everyone,

I'm the admin of a skinning website ; , and I spend a lot of effort/time/money on my website, and it's all free for our visitors. Recently we did a big relaunch which gave visitors much more options. We now have about 550 members but hardly anyone is posting comments on skins and news... it's driving me crazy, what can I do to get more people commenting on things, I want to expand my website much more but I need people's opinions on things, unfortunally there aren'...
October 24, 2005 by Winmodify
Dear People,

I'm the admin of a recently relaunched website and have already put a lot of effort and money into it. Unfortunally I'm doiing the website all by myself and would like to see more people helping me with news-items etc.., I also would love to see comments made on news-items and uploaded skins, and with 500 unique visits it shouldn't be a problem I guess, but only 2-4 people are posting regularly.

WC might had this problem too when they first started and I know there are more a...
September 10, 2005 by Winmodify

Dear Visitors,

Some of y'all may wonder what happened with our skinning website
We have experienced (and still have) big problems with our webhost. Our website was offline for about 2 weeks, and I lost (pretty much) of our daily 600 unique visits .I did my best to re-obtain the domainname and luckilly it's back in my control again. Since today our website is online again and working. Unfortunally this probably will be temporary. We will go to another webhos...
August 22, 2005 by Winmodify
With the new OS 'Windows Vista' in sight, I've launched a new website called TweakingVista.
Like the name says it's about Tweaking Windows Vista. At this point since Vista ins't out yet we cannot offer any tweaks, but we try our very best to bring you up-to-date news on this OS, We also offer skins made from people in the skinning community. To get the website going I am going to need a lot of help, People like you can make this website a succes by interacting with other members in the forum, ...
July 19, 2005 by Winmodify
Everybody has their own ideas on how a OS would look like, how bout people make their own OS in photoshop or similair software as a screenshot and upload it here. Just a screenshot of the desktop. I would very much like to see crazy ideas... how 'bout it?
July 13, 2005 by Winmodify
I had some major computer problems and since 2 weeks I finally got my computer back and now it's working pretty good again. I didn't have my computer for about 2months so I couldn't get to acces my own files, therefore I couldn't update the Winmodify website, Unfortunally I saw the visitors-rate drop to about 200 U.V per day, They used to be around 400 U.V per day. I did my best in these 1,5 week to update the site frequently and I am also busy uploading Skinners-Interviews to the website to dr...
July 3, 2005 by Winmodify
Hello, since Longhorn is coming closer and closer I am wondering, Is Stardock is going to come with a whole new program to skin Longorn, Or are they going to modify their existing program Windowblinds?

Just curious,

March 13, 2005 by Winmodify
Hi all...

My name is Roeland, I'm the admin of a small skinning website.
Our website is going to some changes which will make it more easy for people to browse etcetera.
Im always busy updating it and adding new things.

My question is, What does a good skinning website needs..?
What do you think is neccesary to make it a good skinning website?, so you want to visit often
and upload your newest skins and maybe news etc..

Thanks in advance